A Certain Magical Index

thumbnail Izvorni naslov: とある魔術の禁書目録
serija, 2008.

Broj dostupnih sezona: 2
Broj dostupnih nastavaka: 48

Hrvatska sinkronizacija
Jezici zvuka: japanski (izvorni), engleski

Hrvatski titlovi
Ostali titlovi: engleski, talijanski, japanski

Slika: HD (1080p)
Zvuk: Stereo

Dodano: 1. kolovoza 2019.

Dostupno još preko godinu dana.


Supernaturally gifted teen Touma teams up with nun Index against evil forces seeking powerful magical texts that have been implanted in Index's mind.

Žanrovi: akcijski anime, sf anime, anime serije, japanske serije, anime snimljen prema literaturi za mlade

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1. sezona

1Academy CityENIT
2The Witch Hunting King (Innocentius)ENIT
3The Church of Necessary Evil (Necessarius)ENIT
4Perfect Memory AbilityENIT
512 o'clock (Limit)ENIT
6Fantasy Killer (Imagine Breaker)ENIT
7Misawa Cram School (Science Cult)ENIT
8Gold Transmutation (Ars Magna)ENIT
9Vampire Killer (Deep Blood)ENIT
10Big Sister (Mikoto Misaka)ENIT
11Sisters (Sisters)ENIT
12Absolute Power (Level 6)ENIT
13One Way (Accelerator)ENIT
14Strongest vs. Weakest (Weakest vs. Strongest)ENIT
15Angel Fall (Angel Fall)ENIT
16Father (Tōya Kamijō)ENIT
17Archangel (The Power of God)ENIT
18Impostor (Replica)ENIT
19The End (Last Order)ENIT
20Final Signal (Virus Code)ENIT
21Identity Unknown (Counter Stop)ENIT
22Statue (Golem)ENIT
23Hyōka Kazakiri (Friends)ENIT
24Imaginary Number School District - Five-Element AgencyENIT

2. sezona

1August 31st (The Last Day)ENIT
2The Book of the LawENIT
3The Amakusa ChurchENIT
4Voice of the Magicbane (Sheol Fear)ENIT
5Lotus WandENIT
6Wreckage (Remnant)ENIT
7Coordinate Relocation (Move Point)ENIT
8The Daihasei FestivalENIT
9Pursuit Inhibited (Route Disturb)ENIT
10Stenographic Sourcebook (Shorthand)ENIT
11Stab SwordENIT
12The Observatory (Belvedere)ENIT
13Apostolic Cross (Croce di Pietro)ENIT
14City of WaterENIT
15Queen's FleetENIT
16Rosary of the Appointed TimeENIT
17Penalty GameENIT
18Specimen Number (Serial Number)ENIT
19Amata Kihara (The Researcher)ENIT
20Hound Squad (Hound Dog)ENIT
21Learning Device (Testament)ENIT
22The Divine Retribution SpellENIT
24Armed Gang (Skill-Out)ENIT